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Are you tired of feeling helpless, powerless with those thoughts of worry, fear and anxiety draining your energy and keeping you up at night? Tired of feeling burned out and overwhelmed? Feeling out of control and being at war with yourself? Scared about the state of the world? And perhaps adding more pressure by feeling like you aren't doing enough?


I totally get it and I can help you!


I invite you to take control of what you can - Your Mind! & Boost Your Energy while doing so. This is the key to physical vitality and embracing the unknown rather than fearing it.

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Virtual Yoga Classes - FREE

Join me virtually for yoga & meditation fun every week thanks to UC Berkeley! It's free to register and open to all levels. Classes are 40 minutes during which we will explore yoga, meditation and themes around astrology.


Simply click the link below to sign up! 

Hatha Yoga
Mudra Meditation

Daily Affirmation Session 

Session Length: 11 min 39 seconds

Feel more spacious and clear thereby create more time and space because the things that feel impossible become possible!

 Customize Your Practice to suit you, your schedule and your living situation!

Afternoon Meditation Session

Session Length: 12 min 57 seconds

 Affirm thoughts that will support restful and restorative sleep which is helping you create a powerful routine welcoming you to wake up every morning calm, centered and peaceful knowing everything is taken care of and you have the energy and spaciousness to handle whatever may come.

Meditation by the Beach