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Make Your

WellBeing & Inner Harmony

a Priority

What's Possible for You

When You Do? 

Have Balance, More Ease in All Areas of Your Life Now

Nicolette serves women ready to break free from inter-generational trauma; women who are ready to not be at war with themselves anymore.

You don't have to feel angry, guilty or ashamed to follow your heart and honor your culture, family & everything you care about which may be keeping you feeling stuck or isolated.

You can stand on your own two feet and have space for it all.

Nicolette's techniques offer a unique blend of practical tools with powerful healing techniques to clear unconscious blocks delivering results faster and that help you create change you are able to sustain on your own.

No more hiding
No more shame
No more holding your anger in
No more feeling invisible
I've Got You.

Imagine you feeling present, balanced, & confident in all areas of your life. 


You know where to start to get things going in the right direction and more importantly You know what works for You and you can cut out the rest. 

You are successful, respected and live & work with integrity. 

It feels good to be in your body, move the way you want, eat in a way that feels joyful & balanced, sleep well, have authentic relationships and tools to manage your energy & keep stress at bay.

You are aligned with your personal values, model that behavior to your partner & kids and are able to communicate openly & honestly with everyone in your life.

You know how to acknowledge emotions designed to keep you alive like fear, doubt & worry and you no longer let them run the show.

Imagine having all of that energy to put into things, people & causes you love.

You enjoy vibrant health - body, mind & soul and have boundless energy & clarity.

What else?

My private clients enjoy collaboration, accountability & support to help you thrive on all levels, resolve financial blocks, have action steps & ways to tap into your natural flow state to cultivate your vision, hone your unique strengths & talents, boost your effective communication,  and create your life map to ensure you live intentionally steering your ship and

creating the life you want.

Tap into my expertise to live more:

Authentically - bold, conscious & heart based

Abundantly - time, money, purpose & joy

Enjoying Your Best Life - On Your Terms


 Everyone wins when we are rested, take efficient illuminated action, communicate well, have time to play, daydream, innovate & create.

Living Intentionally & Vibrantly means you aren't consumed with perfection or people pleasing.


Rather you are evolving and nurturing  areas of your life that remind you of your wholeness in your personal and professional life - shining & sharing what you are here meant to contribute to the world.

Let's Connect & Change the Game!

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