Illuminate Your Body & Your Wisdom Within

Everyone Wins When You:

Move More & Feel Good in Your Body

Wake Up Refreshed

Express Your Emotions 

Feel Authentically Joyful Everyday

Live Connected to a Higher Purpose

Meet Nicolette

Mindset Coach, Energy Management Master & Office Wellness Innovator 

And - There's Always More...

Feel Vibrant at Work

We are not meant to sit at a desk without fresh air for as long as we do. 

Here is what you can do about it. 

  • Customized Movement Based Sessions 

  • Guided Meditations to reset your mind body & soul in less than 20 minutes

  • MasterMind Seminars & Workshops to leverage your team's unique work styles and energetic blueprints

       On - Site or Remote

Enjoy this 15 minute Mindfulness version of Yoga Nidra Guided Meditation for welcoming new beginnings & possibility!

Setting Up: Lie down in a comfortable position, warm and cozy and cover the eyes with an eye pillow or scarf.


What I Specialize In

The Vibrant Intentional Living Blog & Free & Optional Membership for

Bad*ss Women Only!

Powerful woman, join us - a space of our own.  A safe space for us to gather. To share our own unique wisdom and get the support of what it's like when women don't have to compete or pretend to have it all figured out. What's possible for us when we do this? Everything and anything. Join us. It's free and private.

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Let's Connect & Change the Game!

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