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Embody Your Essence | Meditative Healing Sessions

Are you struggling right now? Tired of feeling burned out and overwhelmed? Feeling out of control and being at war with yourself?

For example - judging yourself and feeling guilty all of the time?

I get it and I can help you!

I invite you to take control of what you can - Your Mind! & Boost Your Energy while doing so.

In this session - start rewiring those tapes that are on loop 'The I'm not enough, I'm not doing enough' I just want to eat, drink more wine, binge watch to escape and then I will drink a million cups of coffee and power through the day' or 'I am afraid, what is this world coming to?' or 'I just can't anymore but who else will...' Insert your energy draining tape here.  

What if I told you - you can do whatever nourishes you and add some techniques that replenish you, like this session! It doesn't have to be deprivation or either/or.

Enjoy the first release of this powerful healing series.

Session Length: 11 minutes 39 seconds



- Feel more spacious and clear thereby create more time and space because the things that feel impossible become possible!

- Turn down the static, chatter and noise that is draining you all day and fill yourself up with content from your best self cheerleading you to be who you really are underneath the veil of exhaustion and victimhood.

- Take a stand for yourself and model this to those who you care about. Be the action, be the example of the change you want to see in your life/the world.



-Virtually have me as your personal coach & mentor!
Receive bonus emails to motivate you and inspire you to:

- Customize Your Practice to suit you, your schedule and your living situation
- Option to create a commitment or challenge to motivate you & keep you accountable and more!

Normally the price is $11, for this exclusive first time release enjoy it for only $7!

This is not a substitute for medical advice, please see a medical professional when necessary. Please use extreme caution if you choose to listen to this in the background while working or doing anything that requires your presence. *I highly recommend not doing this while driving, operating heavy machinery or anything that requires your full attention.* Thank you for using sound judgment and practicing personal responsibility to keep yourself and others safe. Ideally this meditation is practiced while you can give it all of your attention and you can do it as often as you would like throughout the day to let the affirmations sink in. 



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