Stop running. The answers are right in front of your face.

Enjoy the ride my friends. Love more, defend + attack less.

In honor of entering Scorpio Season I reflect on how far I have come in my relationships.

They take work and effort that definitely starts with, guess who...You!

Having the relationship you desire starts with 4 simple things:

  1. Willingness to face yourself + do the work

  2. Compassion for all involved

  3. Tenderness through all the feelings, emotions and 'stuff' that comes up

  4. Letting Go of perfection, control and allow the magic to unfold in it's own way + time

Yup. It takes tenderness, willingness, compassion to face yourself and do the work with those you love dearly.

When you invite the experience of unconditional love in - it’s not always perfect and the growth is magical.

Questions to sit with which will give rise to your personal right action:

1. How does all of this land with you right now? What is coming up for you? Can you meet it with the 4 keys above + glean some insight?

2. Can you start with praising yourself more? Can you get off your own back and appreciate every little thing and big thing you do and give on a daily basis which may open you up to seeing it already around you, thereby increasing all those good feelings?

Report back to me with your findings and comment below or email me!

All the love,