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Nicolette's Story

Growing up, I didn't know why I was put on this Earth. As a child, I often felt invisible. I always tried to be what others wanted me to be, overly concerned with being liked, ‘fitting in. 

I went on to be the first woman in my immediate family to attend college at the prestigious University of California at Berkeley where I majored in Sociology. I was instantly drawn to social justice work which motivated me to get my Master’s Degree in Social Change and spent my post-college years working at various non-profits and corporate settings where I learned the hard way - if we don't take care of our Selves - Body,  Mind & Spirit - our bodies take a toll. 


After years of feeling burned out, and overworked, my body finally said enough. I felt like a failure. I sank into a deep depression for nearly 6 months. 


I wanted to give up.


And I almost did. But something brought me back into the light. I slowly found my path again, starting with an acupressure massage training to help me take care of my own depleted self and share this gift through my touch. After that, I soon became fascinated with the world of healing arts, taking every certification and training I could get my hands on.


It was as if my Soul guided me to seek out the truth for myself and take all of of the challenges I faced and turn them into gold.​​

Now, after nearly a decade offering corporate wellness, private coaching, retreats, community circles and astrology & tarot guidance, I feel honored and blessed to be able to touch so many lives through my own journey and my ability to find ways to learn new modalities to help in my own healing and the people I am grateful to serve.

My dream is to create a New Paradigm of living, working & relating, one that allows us to feel heard and seen, as the unique and powerful people we each are.

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It's More Than Time

No more denying parts of ourselves just to fit into a mold. No more cookie-cutter BS. For us to ascend as a species it’s high time we honor our authenticity, have thriving boundaries and are supported to soar. It’s all possible.

Will you join me?