Created by Nicolette Tura, 10/24/20

The Manifesto

I am the pearl


I was once hardened and closed off


I shut the door


I was a treasure inside 


And yet I was the only one who didn’t see it.


Do you resonate?


I am like the moon


Shifting and full


Shifting and dark


Shifting and all the shapes and slices of light through a time 


That stands still


And moves


The illusion of time


The illusion of me


I wanted so bad to be kissed by the boy who saw me


I pined so hard for that boy to love me


I was out of power waiting


and dreaming


to be someone’s darling


That darling was me


for me 


I chased long nights


And cried many days


The moon was always there


As was the pearl within


I even had fantasies of drowning the pain in the cleansing seafoam


Take me away from this place, I begged and pleaded -


I am an alien here


I don’t belong here


How does everyone know how to get it right


Why am the only one who doesn’t know how to do it


Television is so mischievous


It is entertainment for some


It can be a lifeline for others


I forgive that part


That part that learned distorted views of worthiness


That’s ok


I kiss you child


Your pearl


Your treasure within


Your heart of gold


You have softened that shell


Demolished the door


That kept you from the magic of yourself


That’s ok


I kiss that part of you


The seawater now cleanses you


The moonlight now holds you


You no longer have to run


Away from the demons within


They aren’t real


I kiss that part of you


My darling


All those parts of you


That longed to be kissed










All the pain


I kiss it gone


My darling


You are the answer


You are the pearl


You are the treasure


Only you can unlock this door


Let yourself out of the shell


To shine that pearlescent power


To awaken other pearls


Hardened by misperception


Hardened by striving for that kiss


The kiss of success defined narrowly and not available to all


The kiss of the perfect relationship that doesn’t exist


The kiss of the perfect body airbrushed and scalpeled


The kiss of impossible


Let’s all open the door


Break open the shell


That dims our light


Let the light radiate from our shells 


To illuminate the sea


Reflecting the moon’s love and light back to her


My darling, please join me?


Only you, Only me


Only we


CommUnity is Everything. It's not fun being stuck in our heads with the same tapes of 'I'm not enough' or the Comparison Track on repeat. You feel me right?