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Celebrate your uniqueness. Don't look for external validation. Instead, focus on self-love and self-care, and try to believe in yourself and know your worth. Then, you'll feel beautiful and confident, and you'll radiate that outward. Then, people will see that, rather than insecurity, worry, or doubt, and they'll respond to that more than you know.



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Do you agree that the benefits of self-love are too great to not practice it?

Join me, let’s be examples of unconditional love because it truly does start with us. Write your next chapter, which can be written at any time. Every breath is a fresh start. Let go easier, forgive yourself and others faster; we are all trying to do our best with what we got, and nothing is ever personal because we are all the stars of our own show.


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I had a 1x1 with Madonna last night | Are you in your own way?

Do you believe this thing we call daily life & wake up to everyday is a dream? Boom!

This may be a long read. I believe it's worth it. Skim it, read it, skip it. Your choice and you always get what you need if you are open to it.

By the end of the post my goal is for you to have some Full Moon Inspiration tied to how this iconic woman lived her destiny and how you are her and can too. If you choose to.

Anyhow - yeah in clock time the dream felt like 2.5 hours.

It was so clear.

Scene 1: I am sitting across from her. I can feel my whole physical body in real time shaking, convulsing and sweating from being in her presence. I feel my higher self gave permission to 'learn by osmosis' or receive downloads and energy.

I told Madonna what I was experiencing and she coyly replied ' Yes it happens all of the time.'

Scene 2: I was backstage with her just me and her before her performance. We sat casually on the couch together just shooting the shit like old girlfriends. Her demeanor was so chill and open and receptive. Like she was the student not the fucking expert, what?!

I recall telling her my challenges as an artist & creator and some of my process and she literally replied yes, I totally get it and I will try that. What?!

We didn't take a selfie to commemorate the moment but I recall part of me having that urge to prove to people this happened and I didn't have a token or gift from her. So funny how the ego was present during this how will I brag about it or prove it. Hmmm...

PS - No joke I have a random playlist on and guess what song is playing right now?!

Express Yourself - by Madonna herself. The magic of synchronicity, co-incidences and living consciously in the now and quantum field. I'm having an omg I'm so living right now moment with you to share!

That part of my experience with her standing up ready to go on stage and I asked her if she still practiced Ashtanga yoga and she said no she's (of course) into something much cooler with harnesses and shit. And I witnessed her body move in a way that was seamless and majestic.

Another thing to note - when I saw her face clearly it was her face and it had a very alien like quality (well from what we get from media and what my inner guidance told me). So cool!

I then went on to have an ex appear in my dream - and funny because one of my oracle cards from that morning was I will be visited by someone from my past, a time of remembrance. Another hmmph. Isn't life grand?!

Are you still with me? Thank you!

OK - so what do you get from this? What insights? What resistance? What triggers if any? There is so much gold in everything and everyone we experience to help us come home to ourselves.

How is your dream life during this special time on Earth? Are you taking notes of messages, themes, feelings? They hold much wisdom for you.

Full Moon Fun:

It's this Thursday 3:45am pacific in what sign - of course SCORPIO.

Hello Kali.

Some prompts to play with and add to your ceremony:

-Who are you willing to forgive?

-What is your current relationship with money like? Especially other people's money...see what comes up for you to play with.

-How is your sex life? (if this pertains to you)

-What fears, limiting beliefs, thoughts old karma are you willing to release?

I can go on and yet this seems more than enough to chew on. 

As always trust your inner guidance.

Reach out if I can be of further illumination.

Many blessings!


Full Moon in Aquarius 8.3.20

Marriage of the Head & The Heart - You fully in your power.

Be comfortable with the disruption. Welcome it, Dance with it.

Aquarius is the genius energy.

You tapping into your unique intelligence & creative expression for the good of the whole.

Who is inspiring you? Who are your people?

Ensure you are giving yourself the gift of surrounding yourself with who & what truly lights you up.

Remember the medicine lies in the opposite energy - Leo where the Sun is right now - it's in home sign.

Your Heart. Your Power. Your Source. Your Truth

You are unstoppable when you trusting yourself wholly and completely.

Take the time to question and honor your tendencies or patterns that have kept you small.

How can you love them & integrate them - you are the magician, the creator of your World.

What does #EmbodyYourEssence

Even Mean?

You : Energized & Aligned Body, Mind & Soul - Living your truth and sharing your gifts your way with the world,

doesn't that sound good?!

I believe it’s essential to have access to & value the importance of investing in your wellbeing in order to create a life full of joy, gratitude, and satisfaction.

I didn't grow up knowing how to:

-take care of myself

-have healthy boundaries

-speak up for myself

But like you - I want to give, help and make sure everyone is happy and the question is:

At What Cost?

Sacrifice is out the door - no more guilt, fear & shame being the driver of our choices.

Let's reframe what it means to find ways where everyone involved wins. Is seen, heard and respected - modeling new ways of health & relating one another is how we will create the world we envision.


It’s this belief that guides my approach, including my services & teachings. At The Illuminated Body I focus on helping you uncover your vibrant health (it's who you really are, now!), and teach you tools to inspire you to make your self-care and desire to know yourself easy, authentic and way of life for you.

At The Illuminated Body, it makes my heart smile knowing I am reminding you of your power.  I do so by offering a variety of services to help all of my students and clients experience healthier bodies and minds. Curious to find out more? Get in touch today.

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