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You are Worthy and there is more than enough for you + for everyone.

Do you agree + believe that? 

I see you.

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I know you want everyone in your life to be happy, healthy and safe.


I know how much you care deeply, feel everyone's pain and the world's as your own and you want to do more and give more.


I know how tired you are, burned out, overwhelmed and yet you know this can't go on like this forever.


You worry about your health. You feel bad about what you're not doing enough of. 


You feel scared, alone, invisible and robbed. You wonder Why am I here?


You have struggled most of your life to be seen, understood, to be loved as your unique and wildly independent self.


You're tired of sacrificing, worrying about money and holding it all together for everyone.

The Time is Now My Dear.

Within the first few months of working with me clients experience the following

and you can too!

 Feel lighter and more in control of your life

 Everyone around you feels the benefits from your shifts.

 Naturally speak, act and think from a place of alignment resulting in miracles and opportunities coming to you.

 Feel better in your bodies (physical, mental, emotional, energy + spiritual) and you have tools to overcome old patterns that have kept you stuck. You now embrace the unknown with more ease and excitement.


How Do I know If Coaching is Right For Me?

Are you tired of feeling responsible for everyone + everything? Let's shift that.

One Time Single Session
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3 Month Program
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6 Month Program
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The Bonuses:

When you sign up for private coaching with Nicolette:

 Access to Potent Guided Meditations to Accelerate Results

Two Coaching Meditations in the Store

Access to Your Personal Astrology Charts

Become a Life Coach

Plus all of my other digital courses

 Access to everything I offer while we are coaching together - 

I can guide you to do the same to help more of us elevate, lift up and build the world we all deserve + desire.

Faq :

Is this only for life-coaches? Absolutely not. My expertise is in services based online businesses, digital course creation, and online sales and marketing. If you desire to create offers you believe in online and sell them to those who need you, then this is for you.

 How do I schedule sessions with Nicolette? As a private client, you will have access to my coaching calendar. You can schedule your sessions weekly/bi-weekly as support is needed.

 What days are sessions held on? I coach on Tuesdays. Other arrangements can be discussed as needed.

 Do I really get ALL of Nicolette’s digital courses? Yes. All of them - for 12 full months. Together, you and I will decide together which modules of which courses for you to work through as needed, but you will receive access to ALL the courses after the 7 day refund period has ended.

 How does the Bonus with Team AF Work? I will work with you to decide how to utilize my team. Our goal is to have your business running smoother and more professionally -- with the elements that aren't in your zone of genius created for you.

 Can you guarantee specific results? I deeply believe in my ability to increase your belief in yourself and your work. I believe that the spiritual and practical principals I teach can revolutionize your life and business. I believe deeply in the various components of this offer give you EVERYTHING you need to grow a business to a ridiculous level of success.

The testimonials on this page are from real live people who signed up to work with me, did the work, and got results. I believe in you. I believe that you can make a massive difference in this world and earn more money then you’ve ever dreamed of, but it is up to you, boo. You have to do the work. According to my fabulous attorney, I need to make sure I say this to you:

DISCLAIMER: I don’t guarantee or warrant results or increased income. The testimonials on this page may not be typical for all students.

 Email any questions you have about if this is right for you and/or Schedule a free 15 minute chat

 Receive the right payment link for you. Pay it.

 Gain access our private Voxer container, answer a questionnaire to set us up for our first call and start playing with your meditations to feel immediate spaciousness and energy! 

How it works:

Next steps:

Private Coaching with Nicolette Tura Investment:

Before you go

If you’ve made it this far, then I am guessing you are wondering whether this could be right for you.

Listen to your heart — it will never led you astray.

I don’t want to talk you into anything. This is a big investment. I know it is an investment that can take you to the next level, help you realign with your purpose and set your heart on fire…

But it doesn’t matter what I know.

It only matters what you know.

Take a minute to get still. Sit up straight, close your eyes, and begin to breathe deeply.

Ask yourself, “… is this right for me…?”

Ask whatever you believe in, “… would you have me do this?”

Take a minute to feel what it would feel like to have the support you desire…to have the money you desire… to have the life you desire. See yourself waking up each day to a life and business you love. Imagine waking up to a life filled with purpose and passion. Imagine what it would feel like to have everything you want, and to know you’ve created your dream life.

Feel all those feelings now. Take whatever guidance you have received.

Know the answer is coming to you. Whatever signs or symbols or information you need to make a decision will show up. You can trust that. You can trust the guidance you receive.

You don’t have to figure it out on your own anymore.

It’s normal to feel afraid. Feel afraid. And take the next step anyway.

Infinite Blessings & Love,

Nicolette Tura



CommUnity is Everything. It's not fun being stuck in our heads with the same tapes of 'I'm not enough' or the Comparison Track on repeat. You feel me right?