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Mindful Movement & Breath Work | Mini Practice to come home to yourself and quiet the mind

This practice is intentionally designed to help you honor the way you best move and breathe. It is an audio recording for you to not fuss over 'if you are doing it right.'

You always know your body best and always practice at your own risk being responsible for your own well being as you are lovingly guided through this relaxing practice.

*This is not a substitute for medical care. If you need medical attention, please seek care.



15 minute Mindfulness Yoga Nidra Practice | Audio Recording

Having a mindfulness practice will help you train or workout your brain and emotional resiliency to be the observer rather than the judge as you move through your day.

Enjoy Nicolette's unique combination of mindfulness with yoga nidra for maximum results.

Get super cozy and comfortable. Create your nest by laying down with pillows, bolsters and blankets. Make sure you are warm enough and cover the eyes with a scarf or eye pillow for added benefits. 

Enjoy healing on all levels. The most potent practice in the shortest amount of time.

*This is not a substitute for medical care. If you need medical attention, please seek care.


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Gentle Movement Practice + Extended Relaxation Meditation |  Video Recording

Here is a gift for you to take care of yourself on all levels through times of uncertainty or any time you need to come home to the peace, knowing & calm within. Remind yourself your inner wellbeing is already within you and when it's your priority it will serve you and everyone you love.


This Class's Style is gentle and designed for all levels: Seated Meditation, Gentle Stretching & Breathing on your back, Yoga Nidra Guided Meditation To Best Prepare for the Session: What You May Need: a yoga mat, blanket(s), eye pillow or something to cover the eyes. Anything that helps you feel more safe, loved & secure like candles, soft music, essential oils, fur babies...If you don't have these things, you can still practice with us. The movement can be done on blankets, yoga nidra on floor, bed, couch whatever is comfy.


Setting up for Yoga Nidra: Where are your most comfortable? Create your cozy little nest. Maybe it's your bed lying in the reverse direction from the way you sleep, a couch, or on the floor. Do have enough support (blankets/mats if you opt for the floor).  Have blankets to be warm to cover you, maybe pillows/bolsters under the backs of your knees, and neck to support.

*This is not a substitute for medical care. If you need medical attention, please seek care.