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Mindset Coach | Office Wellness Innovator

Purveyor of Vibrant Health & Relationships

Nicolette Tura is a luminary - born to innovate & elevate how we live, work & relate. A 500 hour Registered Yoga Teacher with a Psychology & Mindfulness Major, a NASM - Certified Corrective Exercise Specialist and she is an expert in holistic living - integrating the mind, body, emotions, energy & soul tailored to the individual. There is no one way of doing things AND you are always changing.


A professional Astrologer, Tarot Decoder & UC Berkeley trained Behavior Health Coach utilizing her BA and MA in Sociology from UC Berkeley and San Jose State University  to create the

New Paradigm of Living, Working & Relating.

Nicolette worked at various non-profits and corporate settings where she learned the hard way - if we don't take care of our Selves - Body,  Mind & Spirit - the cost. The toll on our bodies, what keeps you up at the night, the pressure...


Everything starts with the most integral relationship - the one with our Self. And you maintain your sovereignty, individuality while experiencing inter-dependence versus co-dependence or isolation.

Imagine how your personal & professional life can transform with that profound shift.


Nicolette has supported many for over 8 years through corporate wellness, private coaching, leading retreats, community circles and offering astrology & tarot guidance.




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