Meet Nicolette

Mindset Coach | Energy Management Master

& Office Wellness Innovator

Nicolette Tura is a luminary - born to innovate & elevate how we live, work & relate. A 500 hour Registered Yoga Teacher with a Psychology & Mindfulness Major, a NASM - Certified Corrective Exercise Specialist and she is an expert in holistic living - integrating the mind, body, emotions, energy & soul tailored to the individual. There is no one way of doing things AND you are always changing.


A professional Astrologer, Tarot Decoder & UC Berkeley trained Behavior Health Coach utilizing her BA and MA in Sociology from UC Berkeley and San Jose State University  to create the

New Paradigm of Living, Working & Relating.

Nicolette worked at various non-profits and corporate settings where she learned the hard way - if we don't take care of our Selves - Body,  Mind & Spirit - the cost. The toll on our bodies, what keeps you up at the night, the pressure...


Everything starts with the most integral relationship - the one with our Self. And you maintain your sovereignty, individuality while experiencing inter-dependence versus co-dependence or isolation.

Imagine how your personal & professional life can transform with that profound shift.


Nicolette has supported many for over 8 years through corporate wellness, private coaching, leading retreats, community circles and offering astrology & tarot guidance.




National Coach Academy & Life Coach Path recently recognized Nicolette 

NCA: Can you describe your coaching practice and the kinds of clients you typically work with?

Nicolette: I coach through a program at UC Berkeley. My private coaching practice is always evolving. Right now, I work with mostly women by helping them get unstuck. I guide them from feeling powerless and like they aren’t doing enough to discover the underlying root causes, make important internal shifts to return to their natural weight, sleep better, have clarity and unshakeable self-confidence.


I have the gift of using the ancient wisdom — the magical side and the practical side because I am certified in a bunch of esoteric practices. With my coaching from Berkeley, I offer practical behavior change.

They get all of that with me.

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