Meet Nicolette

Mindset Coach | Wellness Expert | Wedding Officiant

Nicolette Tura is a 500 hour Registered Yoga Teacher with a Psychology & Mindfulness Major, a NASM - Certified Corrective Exercise Specialist and is an expert in holistic living - integrating the mind, body, emotions, energy & soul tailored to the individual. There is no one way of doing things AND you are always changing.


A professional Astrologer, Tarot Decoder & UC Berkeley trained Behavior Health Coach utilizing her BA and MA in Sociology to create the New Paradigm of Relationships & Marriage and Being a Woman in today's world.


This all starts with the most integral relationship - the one with our Self. And you maintain your sovereignty, individuality while experiencing inter-dependence versus co-dependence or isolation.

What is the cost of allowing things to stay the same - what are you tolerating? How much time, money & energy are you spending? How is this impacting your quality of life & wellbeing?


How is being stuck in surviving another day or waiting to do self-care when you have more time, money or the kids are out of the house helping you now and what is that modeling to your loved ones?


Join the hundreds if not thousands on their wellness & spiritual path; that Nicolette has supported for over 8 years through corporate wellness, private coaching, leading retreats, community circles and offering astrology & tarot guidance.


She has been on the path herSelf for over 20 years overcoming: Body Image Issues, Clinical Depression & an AutoImmune Disorder.


She puts in the work, practices what she preaches to keep her Critic, Judge, Perfectionist, Over-thinker & Fixer/Save Everyone & The World parts of herSelf seen, loved and serving her in partnership with the other many beautiful aspects of her multi-dimensional Being. And she is here to support & guide you to do the same.


Nicolette can hold space.

Nicolette can call Bull*hit.

Nicolette can see you. 

Nicolette can deliver - Get what you need in a way that you can receive it best and enjoy the process & accelerate your results.

Let's put You first and see how your world shifts.


Let's Connect & Change the Game!

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