Nice to Meet You. I'm truly thankful you are here

No more - Feeling everything and everyone and that you are responsible for everything and everyone

No more drowning, burnout and overwhelm

I see You: Heathy, Vibrant, Integrated on All Levels |  Mind, Body & Soul

An Illuminated Body - Shining that Beautiful Light Out Just By Being You - Exactly As You are

In Every Facet of Life, On Your Own, In Relationship - No matter what is going on externally or in the World today

Wake Up to Who You Really Are & Already Are Now - It's Possible Do You Agree?

Join Me & Let's Live Vibrantly & I want you to Rock Your Best Life Now

It's Ok. You are Doing More than Enough. Everything is going to be OK! I've got you!

Are you over the Guilt? Me too!


It's such an energy suck to beat yourself up with all of these confusing messages about how to feel 'good'.

First step - Acceptance and get off your own back. 

Second step - Own Your Power and make conscious choices

not based on deprivation or what someone says you should or shouldn't be doing.

Scale 1-10 Real Talk - Be Honest With Yourself - How well can you hear yourself and know what you truly need to feel Nourished?

It's okay not to know and it's even more bad*ss to ask for help and try different things.

Thankful to share my expertise & wisdom from overcoming clinical depression, body image issues

an autoimmune disorder and more - in my upcoming healing meditation sessions

and I have lots more juicy stuff on the way just for you, so make sure you are tuned in!

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Love you!


Illuminate Your Roadmap to Vibrant Health & Living on Purpose

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Welcome Home to YourSelf - Accelerate Lasting Change in Ways that Feel Good to You


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I have been attending Nicolette’s ergo stretch class for close to a year now and I can honestly say I crave it as part of my weekly routine.

Nicolette is not only a knowledgeable instructor but has the rare gift of always being in the moment. Every class is engaging and somehow just what she knew you or your broader group needed. Whether you are sitting in an office all day or training for a marathon, (or both) 

Andrew Wharton, System Engineer General Mills

I went through many many years of therapy and could not find the right team to help me heal. She has gave my life so much peace and has validated so much of ME that I am finally feeling like I'm able to heal!

Tanya A.

I had such an amazing experience with Nicolette last week... I couldn't feel nothing more than love, understanding, kindness, encouragement from her. With her, I spoke my truth, my feelings and she listened to me genuinely with no judgment but compassion.  She allowed myself to be heard. That felt so good .
After speaking to her, I felt empowered, more in peace and so grateful.

Kate O.


Nicolette created The Illuminated Body in 2013 to give you permission to be you even during this time we find ourselves in.

Can you hear yourself clearly amidst all of the static?

Can you come back to your center when pulled in every direction otherwise leaving you exhausted, burned out, feeling guilty and overwhelmed?

Nicolette provides you a safe, loving space to heal, grow, learn and empower yourself your way so you can stop drowning and be you because we need you exactly as you are.

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'Ever feel like you were supposed to meet certain people in your life? That is Nicolette. Nicolette has the true power of soul healing and restoration. From the first Yoga Nidra class I took, to her Ergo Stretch classes and personal one-on-one sessions, she brings IT! You will not walk away without feeling more in tune with your spirit and your body. Nicolette has such a REAL approach, creates a space of safety and no judgement. Since my first Yoga Nidra class with her, I have never felt more at peace or calm in my life. You are amazing Nicolette!' - Katie

What can you & I play with and co-create?


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