Nice to Meet You. I'm so thankful you are here.

No more - Chasing the latest diet, spending a ton of money on that outfit, makeup tool, skin care regime, degree or certification, that 'thing on the outside' that will never give you the satisfaction of being enough just as you are

I see You: Heathy, Vibrant, Integrated on All Levels |  Mind, Body & Soul

At Home, At Work, On Your Own, In Relationship - No matter what is going on externally.

Wake Up to Who You Really Are & Already Are.

Live Vibrantly &

Rock Your Best Life Now - Your Way.


Wake Up with Me! F*ck Perfect & You are Perfect.

The world can be harsh - add our own stories and misperceptions and boom there goes the whole day darkened by our automatic thoughts in the morning. Are you tired of it? Me too. Let's change together. Everyone in our lives benefits and that's how we change the world.



Illuminate Your Roadmap to Vibrant Health & Living on Purpose

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Welcome Home to YourSelf - Accelerate Lasting Change in Ways that Feel Good to You


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Everyone Wins


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I have been attending Nicolette’s ergo stretch class for close to a year now and I can honestly say I crave it as part of my weekly routine.

Nicolette is not only a knowledgeable instructor but has the rare gift of always being in the moment. Every class is engaging and somehow just what she knew you or your broader group needed. Whether you are sitting in an office all day or training for a marathon, (or both) 

Andrew Wharton, System Engineer General Mills

I went through many many years of therapy and could not find the right team to help me heal. She has gave my life so much peace and has validated so much of ME that I am finally feeling like I'm able to heal!

Tanya A.

I had such an amazing experience with Nicolette last week... I couldn't feel nothing more than love, understanding, kindness, encouragement from her. With her, I spoke my truth, my feelings and she listened to me genuinely with no judgment but compassion.  She allowed myself to be heard. That felt so good .
After speaking to her, I felt empowered, more in peace and so grateful.

Kate O.



Nicolette founded The Illuminated Body in 2013 to remind you that you do not need permission, someone or anything outside of you to Live Vibrantly - thriving on your terms.

To feel ease, clarity, appreciation, and joy as your new normal: in your physical body, befriend your mind, enjoy emotional balance, have the energy you want for the people & things you love, to live on purpose just by being YOU - creating Heaven on Earth where you are not waiting for someone or something to validate you or that promotion, the kids go to college or that proverbial 'when x happens then I'll be happy.

Nicolette provides the resources to unveil your roadmap to conscious living now in a supportive and loving environment.

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'Ever feel like you were supposed to meet certain people in your life? That is Nicolette. Nicolette has the true power of soul healing and restoration. From the first Yoga Nidra class I took, to her Ergo Stretch classes and personal one-on-one sessions, she brings IT! You will not walk away without feeling more in tune with your spirit and your body. Nicolette has such a REAL approach, creates a space of safety and no judgement. Since my first Yoga Nidra class with her, I have never felt more at peace or calm in my life. You are amazing Nicolette!' - Katie

What can you & I play with and co-create?



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